Northwest Drywall was started in the summer of 1965 by Dennis Kahnke. Northwest Drywall did mainly residential work and in 1970 contracted it's first high rise steel stud project. In 1972, Northwest Drywall added painting for their residential projects. Northwest Drywall continued to do mainly residential work   including starter to multi million dollar luxury homes. Some commercial work was done at that time, many apartments and motels. With it's continuing quality work and success in the late 90's, Northwest Drywall expanded it's business by doing more commercial work including steel stud framing. Since that time, they have contracted several hospitals, schools, churches and many other commercial projects. Northwest Drywall added fireproofing in 1990 and E.I.F.S. in 1996

Northwest Drywall has more than 40 employees, bids on jobs in southern and central Minnesota, northern Iowa, North and South Dakota. We have a line of qualified subcontractors available when needed.

Northwest Drywall can handle all your drywall needs. If it's a home, apartment, or commercial project. Call us for an estimate. We're proud of the work we've done and satisfed customers are the reason for our success. * Steel stud framing of walls, ceilings, soffits and chases * Installing drywall in new homes and businesses. * Installing drywall in remodels of homes and businesses (plaster or drywall). * Providing Moisture Resistant Systems. * Sound Reduction Systems and Fire Resistant Systems. * Cafco Spray on Fireproofing * No Char Fire treatment for wood * Providing a wide variety of machine textures and custom hand textures: orange peal, knockdown, or brush textures, Venetian Plaster and painting. If you're planning a project in the near future, e-mail us with your questions!

Northwest Drywall Inc. combines broad experience with modern materials and techniques to produce the finest finishes in the shortest time.

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